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does anyone here know how to put the seat belts back on track cause the one on my driverside keeps clickin and its drivin me nuts and how about adjustin the clutch cable any ideas there??

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Ok, the seatbelts are cruddy pieces of machinery. If you want, you can wait till they go back to the door closed position, and open the grease cap near the back passengers knees on the inside plastic panel, and cut the yellow wire. This will stop the stupid clicking (the clicking is from the motor turning while being out of line, and it constantly resets itself out and back in to position).
Next, I would assume that you are refering to the (transmission) clutch? If so, what engine do you have? I think that all of the scorts that I've seen, possibly not ponies, have hydraulic clutches. If you have a hydraulic clutch: At the clutch pedal, you will see a rod that goes into the firewall, this is the clutch MC piston. There will be 2 nuts on it, one is part of the piston, the other is a locking nut. Loosen the locking nut (I think 12 or 13mm), then adjust the 10mm nut less or further depending on where you need it. The further that you put it into the firewall, the sooner the clutch will operate. Tighten the locking nut back against the pedal once it is adjusted.
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well the seatbelt doesnt move back or forth and i was wonderin if there was anyway to fix that??
I wouldn't waste your time trying to fix it, FORD can't even seem to fix these pieces of junk. Look at getting some manual seatbelts, like from Canadian scorts.
well i was just gonna throw some bucket seats in about 5 months and get the belts with those i was just tryin to give myself something to do....but thanks for the help
if you are throwing bucket seats on your scort...go for a 5 point harness(sporty and rather functional)....anyway yeah on the clutch...our clutches are hydrulic(2nd gen) and as stated earlier do the adjustment on the pedal...have fun....
If you do 5 points, is the seat joint strong enough to hold you in a crash, or should you have a lateral support from the back of the seats to the frame?
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