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alright, i haven´t been around in awhile, i´m the kid with the 86 gt with the flame paintjob.............anyways, is it possible to drop a clutch into my scort within 8 hrs???????if i have 2-3 ppl working on it?? let me know...thnx men/women

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the answer is yes!! with time left to drink a six pack and smoke a cigar. The last clutch I did on a first gen took 3 1/2 hours. but then again I have done a lot of clutches on front wheel drives.
alright, I may be a bit late but I have done the first gens two ways. One is to just remove the tranny as one would suspect. For a step by step consult the haynes manual they do a good job if you haven´t done this before. the only problem was for whatever reason the tranny fought to go back in. then we tried one i wouldn´t recommend but I will put it out there. take the hood off and pull the motor and tranny as one. sound worse than it is. It was actually about 15 minutes faster.
on a scale of one to ten on the first tranny i would peg it at about a 5. ov course I have had water pumps that were an 8 but the tranny isn´t as bad as it looks. just pay attention to where the bolts came from.
I would check to see that all the lines are tight and things like that. Just curious what makes you think the fuel system isn´t pressurized? The most common problem I see when someone has starting problems after they pull an engine is forgetting to hook the grounds back up.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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