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Question about headlights

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I got new headlight bulbs for my 2000 Escort, and I read the instructions on how to get the old bulbs out, and it says to turn it to the right if your facing the car, and it won´t budge. I don´t want to put a lot of force on it and break something, so if anyone has a clue as to how to maybe get them out, feel free. Thanks.
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sometimes the stuff like that just gets a little stuck, trying putting a little more pressure..or going the other way. (I´ve found manufactures are usually refering to their Metric 1/2 Inch left Hand turns.
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To remove your old bulbs, after unplugging the connector, turn the bulb retaining ring 1/4 turn counterclockwise (looking at it from where the engine is.) Then pull the bulb itself rearward.
Hope this helps!
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