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question about drive axel

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I'm swapping the 1.9L to the 1.8L in my wagon and I'm wongering if i'm doing something wrong or the axel is just a [email protected]*%! The two pics below are of the right side axel and I'm wondering if the silver ring is supposed to go inside the tranny or if it's where it's supposed to be right now.

http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a6/KeN ... C13382.jpg

http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a6/KeN ... 13382b.jpg

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I dont know anything at all about swapping engines/transaxles, but I have never in my life seen axle shafts that stuck out from the transaxle like that; though when reinstalling axle shafts I have had it stop at that point, until I lifted the inner cv joint to help guide it into the bushing it fits into. Getting it that last half inch usually requires smacking the outer end with a good size lead hammer. (The soft face of the lead hammer prevents damage to the outer end of the axle shaft where it is threaded.)
There is a metal ring that fits in a groove running around the inner end of the splines on the inner axle joint. Its purpose is to expand into a similar groove inside the differential, and keep the axles from trying to move outward.
Looking at the axle shafts for a 94 escort with 1.9L versus a 1.8L engine, I see different part numbers for them on an online parts supplier site.
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Which axles are you using? The 1.9 axles won't fit in the 1.8 tranny.
Try supporting the inner joint of the axle a little bit, so its 'straight-in' to where its going into the transaxle, then pushing 'inward' on the hub end - or smacking it inward with a soft faced hammer. Thats what I find works well on the 1.9L trannies. If you put the hub nut onto the threads, but facing backwards, you can run the nut to where you have a flat surface for banging it with a hammer, without damaging threads. I usually only have to hit it once, & not a very hard blow - if I am holding that inner end so its 'straight-in' for the enlarged section of the inner end. Thats the part that mates to the oil seal on the transaxle.
i just hold the axle shaft and give it a sharp jolt inward, the inner joint will bottom out and the axle will snap into place.

if you are still having problems, pull it back out and align the "C" clip on the end of the axle so the gap is facing straight up. for some reason this helps it go in easier.
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