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Here´s the situation. Sorry about the length.
-Had trouble locking up brakes(sometimes couldn´t
-Brake pedal would "hit"(touch) floor by the time I stopped
-Brakes felt spongyish, just really weak

-Got new rotors and pads all the way around, purchased and installed with the help of http://www.ctamotorsports.com (plug
-have had new stuff for about 3 months
-I CAN lock breaks but it is still feels too hard push the pedal to lock them.
-My Dad´s (95 LX Wag.) I can lock the break instantly no problems- mine its like push push ...maybe lock
-My mechanic checked my brakes, the rotors and pads are working great, no problems there

With that said here are the questions:
1) Where do I start is there any kind of process to attack this?
2) Could it be the pushrod? I read about a Campaign for the pushrod adjustment.
3) Is there a way to check my Brake booster etc..
4) Could it be something as simple as change my brake fluid and bleed my brakes?

Thanks in Advance.

1995 GT - 5 Speed

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If you say the peday is hitting the floor, there is definatly a hydraulic problem going on here. Changing pads and rotors won´t stop your brake pedal from hitting the floor. And you should have bleed your brakes right after changing the pads. It is recomended that Brake fluid be changed every two years at the least. (Yes there is a service interval for brake fluid. How many of you still have the original fluid in??
) Brake fluid Loves to absorb water. Thats why if you get it on your hands then tend to feel dry. And if there is a lot of watter in your fluid it will evaporate when you hit the brakes and instead of using fluid to close your caliper you are esentially trying to use steam. Not good. Another thing that tends to make the pedal "Sink" to the floor is if you have a bad seal in the master cylinder. If this is the case then when you press the pedal there isn´t enough pressure to give good braking. So you might want to have your mecanic test your master cylinder, which is what any mechanic who is worth his paycheck would have done the first time around.

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soft pedal, or a spongy feel is usually a loss of fluid.

I would check your lines...old lines tend to buldge and then it takes more pedal push to get the brakes to apply pressure.

I would also check for a crack in your master cylinder. Its a common place to loose fluid.

Old hydralic fluid, like brake fluid DOES break down and becomes less efficient. Always a good idea to do that.

I HIGHLY recommend EBC Greenstuff pads. I flatspot tires all the time now...which isn´t good, but with the rotors and EBC´s I can almost get my back end to pop off the ground because of the stopping force on the front end.

(my pedal feels soft and spongy too...i think its my lines and M.C.)
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