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Problem with my scort...

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Im having a problem with my scort, when I am driving, and gonna shift at about 4500-5000rpm, when I go to 2nd, the car just falls on its face, and its not only when I goto 2nd gear, and the exhuast sounds really weired. Plus I am getting some bad gas mileage, like probally 20mpg, wtf? Anyways, its just very annoying, cuz it falls on its face, and check engine lite will come on, then once it quits, which usally I just let off the gas for a bit, it goes off. Any ideas to what the hell is going on?

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20 mpg huh? I´m lucky if i get that. I´ve been getting between 17-21 depending on how much i drive any particular week. Thats an odd problem. sounds like the throttle is sticking or fuel injectors aren´t injecting, could be the spark plugs are misfiring...have it checked out if the check engine light is comin on.
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