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Problem with headlights

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Okay, so I´m on my 4th set of headlight bulbs in a year. Not because they keep blowing but because all the sets suck until this set that I have in my car now.

Anyhow heres where I need help:
I went out to my car after work and my low beams didn´t work, but my high beams do. I have a 2cd gen scort so it takes the 9004´s for both low and high beam. Does anyone know if there´s a fuse for the low beams that might have blown? Or is it just POS bulbs?


Jason Blade
93´ Escort GT (Special SLO model)

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I had the same problem...it turns out that the bulb has a high and low if you know what i mean your brights will work but low wont they´re blown....
Yeah I know what you mean...I would of taken them out and looked last night, but it was pouring rain.

For all you that dont know what Had was talking about....the 9004´s actually have two seperate filiments in them. One comes on under high amperage, the other under lower amperage.
cool i didnt think you would understand i didnt explain it very well...i was lost when that happened to my car and then i figured it out...cool
one more thing....have you touched the bulb itself because you´re not supposed to the oil on your fingers screws them up.....
No, never touched the bulbs...actually I´ve had them in the car since last December. When you touch the bulbs they usually blow right away.
i had a stock headlight bulb in my 91 until last december when i got whole new headlight assemblies...they came with new bulbs but i had already ordered xenon blues so they were taken out in like 2 days.

thats right, the one good thing about my scort...11 years, one new headlight.
I replaced all the bulbs on my car except the instrument panel, the trunk lid bulb and the license plate bulbs right after i bought my car so i didn´t have to worry about them blowing out. When i bought the actual headlight fittings the guy told me i´d have to buy new bulbs, so I did, and then there were a set in them when I got them. So i have an extra set of headlight bulbs in my trunk when i need them. They aren´t that expensive so i suggest doing that so if your low beams do go out you can change them easily to see what it is.

Red 92 EGT
Hey Blade, did you check the light switch? I´m not sure how it is on the 2nd gens, but the 1st gens have the pull switch by the drivers left knee, and in it is a circuit breaker for the low beam(according to the EVTM diagram). It may be causeing an intermident open every now and then making you think your low beam don´t work. Did you check the old ones with an Ohm meter to make shure the filiments were blown? I think my switch is shot, because if I leave my lowbeams on for two lon they start to flash, which is weird, because my mustang does the same thing, only when it on high beam. Also my light are really dim (I´m thinking also du to a bad switch) so even when I drive around town with my high beams on I never get flashed, and if the low beams are on I can barley see 5 ft infront of me.
it could also just be loose or screwed up wires. in our ´88 camry and my dad´s festiva (both use 9004) now and then the low beams cut out, so he gives the wires a jiggle and then they work
Hey Peeps,
Okay, here´s whats up. The fillement is blown in both of them for the low beams.

Second Gens have the headlights as part of the turn signal (which mine comes on whenever it wants and I need to replace it anyhow). I couldn´t find a fuse for my headlights at all.

The headlights I bought, I bought in an emergency while visiting Donnie out in Rancho Cucamunga....they were $60 at a speed shop...that´s why I was so frustrated, but I do like the blue light they emit. I bought the same ones on ebay for $16, they should be arriving next week.
I had the exact problem on my 88egt and replacing the headlight switch fixed the problem. now all i have to do is keep water out of my headlights.
So both bulbs blew at the same time huh????? That seems odd. Have you checked the output of your alternator to see if maybe the voltage regulator is bad and it is putting too much voltage through your system? Any more that 14v for a long period will drasticly reduce the life of your light bulbs. That´s all I can think of at the top of my head at this time.
Here´s my theory to what happened. The night the headlights went out I was at work at Sears until about 1030 at night. And it was one of the worst storms we´ve had all year here in northern AZ. I´m guessing that lightening actually hit near my car. Besides the headlights my stereo display was all messed up. I´m guessing that was the cause of it....oh yea and the headlights I like are cheap quality.
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