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Okay, so its been two months and I still can´t get my car to idle with the turbo. I can´t figure out why, except maybe a vac leak somewhere. Anyhow I got frustrated and redid a little over half of my IC piping with ABS plastic 2" piping. I thought it would be a better mach-up design since its also constant diameter, like mandrel bent stuff. Here´s the prob now. I can hear what sounds like a leak, but can´t seem to locate it. I coated the whole coupler with ABS cement, but I can still hear it. The scort shows an obvious leak, it just looses vac at idle and dies. However, when I drive now I get about .5psi more boost in the manifold. Is this a product of better flow having a constant diameter, or what?? The problem seems counter intuitive. It has me totally perplexed.
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