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i know. i did this on my 91 Pony.

All you need is the window lift motor, the small door harness( actually its only 4 or 5 wires, but the whole bundle makes it easier to transplant), the door switches, the arm rests if you dont want to custom mount the switches, and a bit of extra wire.

all i had to do was take out my manual lift mechanism, bolt the electric one in the stock location with stock nuts and bolts, plug the harness into the motor, and run wires through the door jamb into the car.

once the wires are in teh car, one goes to ground, one goes to power(preferably a fused circuit. can tap into the fuse bix, or on the protected side of anotehr power wire, or put in an inline fuse.

then plug in the door switch, mount the switch into the armrest and screw it on the door.

do the same for the passenger side and if you want to, run the appropriate wires from teh master switch on the drivers side over to the siwtch on the paassengers side door. just two wires.

looks very much like it had always been there when i did it. very easy, just give yourself som etime to run the wires.

good luck. oh, and it only adds maybe 5lbs to the car, so no, theyre not heavy at all.

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