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Power windows.

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Just wondering, Does anyone else have factory power windows in there scorts? I have a 94´ that came with power windows, kinda odd i never see many others. ive had 2 89´s before and then a 93´ and now a 94´ all GTs but this is the 1st with power windows.
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Neither of my scorts has the power windows, but get this, my 94 does have the power moonroof. Strange, huh?
Power windows were offered by Ford as part of the "Power Package" which also included power locks. It was available on all Escorts except the Pony, and for all bodystyles. It seems like the power package was especially popular on the 4dr sedan. I think the dealers ´spec´ing them thought of the sedan as more of a luxury model. I too wonder how many GT´s have it.
Well, my 94 gt has the power roof and mirrors, but crank windows and regular locks. I always thought that was odd. Then again, I like the crank windows better.
Simplicity sake. I prefer carbs over fuel injection. Simple is easy to fix at night in the rain.
Yes, simplicity can be good sometimes, but not always. For example; what if you pull up next to someone and need to roll down your pass. side window. This means you have to reach clear over the other seat just to do it. Same thing when needing to unlock the pass side door for someone. Also, I know on my car, and heard of others, who´s windows don´t roll up well with the normal crank. Finally fuel injection tops carberators because they offer more efficiency and have better reliablity. Thats just my two cents.

I do have a question though, can you convert crank windows over to power windows fairly easily or is it a pain in the butt?
well you can pick up some RC car servos for cheap, then just bracket them to the unlocking mechanism and then wire up a little momentary on switch for both polarities and you´re set. You could do the whole job for about 40 bucks and a few hours of work and it would work quite nicely.
I converted my crank windows to power and it wasnt that hard. I even got the window motors off of a wrecked 4-door. You just have to drill a few holes and wire up some power and switches. I like my power windows a lot better than the crank ones.
I like my crank windows, but sometimes it´d be nice to have power windows. it´d Definitely be nice to have power locks and keyless entry. that would cost me 299.99 for the power locks and another 99.99 for the keyless entry through Ziebart. That shit´s expensive, when the time comes i think it´d be easier to go rip a system out of a junked escort sedan and put the power locks on my car. But the only real point of my getting power locks would be for the keyless entry system.
i work at best buy so i can get a keyless entry on my escort.. but why would i waste money on my escort.

02-02-2003 at 22:49, scort95lx wrote:
but why would i waste money on my escort.


LOL- quote of the day, ladies and gents... :-]
wait a minute, wait a minute...scort95lx weren´t you asking earlier this week on what it would take to turbocharge your 1.9, and here you are saying you don´t want to "waste money" on putting keyless entry on your car?? what kind of sense does that make? Doesn´t make any to me...
a couple weeks ago i stopped in at a place here in town called Ziebart, and asked them how much power locks and keyless entry would be. 300 for the locks and another 100 for keyless entry. So I imagine Ford would charge at least twice as much. Being a dealer and a really big rip off and all...
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