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Power steering pump pressure hose.

Discussion in 'ZX2 1998-2004 2.0L DOHC' started by Kevin Rogerson, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. Kevin Rogerson

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    i am replacing the power steering pump. When I took off the pressure hose the nut was tight in the pump but the hose was still loose and it was leaking. When I tried to put the hose back into the new pump it is still loose after the fitting is tight. I am not sure if this is how it is supposed to be or not. Is the metal part supposed to be able to swivel in the fitting once the fitting is tight or not. If not what is wrong. Do I need the O ring that came with the new pump? The dealer said no. I know I need the Teflon ring and I used that. Please help I don’t want to spend $60 on the hose if it is not needed.
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    south TX or northern VA
    My escorts are all 2nd gen LX, but I think the high pressure hoses are similar.
    The hose that runs from the pump has a swivel on the end bolted into the pump. When its new it is a little stiff, and when aged is easy to turn. It allows the fitting to be screwed into the pump while the hose stays connected to the next hose, the intermediate hose. There is a rubber "O" ring inside the fitting, which is non-replaceable. If that is leaking, you need a new high pressure hose. I get mine from rockauto(dot)com, where they are much cheaper than if bought locally. (However if you are having the work done by a repair facility, they will charge more for the hose because they have to guarantee the results).
    There is also a nylon sealing ring (the OEMs were white) which should be replaced each time the fitting is taken out of the pump. They seldom survive intact during hose removal from the pump. That ring may or may not come with a new high pressure hose. Anyway, it comes in a Dorman 82540 bubble pack, and any auto parts store probably has them; as does ebay. Two rings come in a bubble pack, but only the larger one is the right size for my LX Escorts. (I have never found what the smaller one is for). I gently/carefully stretch it using the tapered nose of my longest needle nosed pliers. (you may also want to dip it in boiling water). Then you can get it started on the threads of the fitting that screws into the pump, and will need to work it up over the threads to the end of the fitting. I use either my thumbnail or the tip of a scratch-awl. The sealing ring is what keeps the threaded fitting from leaking. Dont overtighten it. I think 12-15 ft-lbs would be plenty. Making it tighter will Not stop the leak, but a new hose installed with the new nylon sealing washer will.
    I have worked on 8 2nd gen Escorts, and found a way to have the pump be very quiet, and not whine or hum. I fill the reservoir above the pump, and using a non-installed serpentine belt held in my hands, i sping the pulley of the power steering pump fairly quickly, while replenishing the fluid in the upper reservoir a couple of times. I found that merely filling the upper reservoir, even if I let it sit overnight, didnt get new fluid down into the pump. The small blades in the pump do not like to run dry. If you start the car, the pump my have a whine, which will eventually get quieter - in 10k or 20k miles. If I prefill the pump as I describe, I cant hear the pump running at all.

    Good Luck!

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