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Power Hatch Release

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I´m so happy right now. I finaly have a power hatch release in my Scort. I was sad to find out that when I bought this car it had power nothing, even though it was a GT. No power locks, no power windows, and no power hatch release. Well I was at the Junkyard today getting some parts for the fuel injection conversion that my bro and I are doing to his VW Bug, and we just happened to come along a 90 Scort GT with a power hatch release. I snatched that thing right up. Total was $19, can´t beat that. As soon as I got home I put it right in. Wouldn´t you know that the holes are already pre drilled for it, and the wire harness already has the connectors, so it was a 100% plug and play operation. The hardest part was digging behind the glovebox to find the connector for the button. The connector for the solenoind was in plain view after I removed the rear carpet panel thingie. Now I just need to find out if the 1st gen Scort ever came with power locks. I really want those. Power windows I can do without. but if they exsist and I can find rig them up easy enough I just might. Does any other 1st genner have a scort with stock power locks??? Let me know so I can start scouting for some of my own.
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i really dont think any 1st gen escort ever came with power windows or locks.
i was dissapointed that my car didnt have a rear wiper, so i went to the junk yard, and bought a wiper assembly. 6 hours later, i had a gash in my finger from a drill cuck, and a working rear wiper. the only thing wrong with it is that the washer nozzle is clogged! oh well
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