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so now that you have opened the system the real test can be done.
put some of the dye oil in it then put the system back together. You can just put the oil in the open part you have. Be sure to clean it up after connecting the line so it does not show up under the light and mistake it for a leak if it is not a leak.

vacuum out the system. 99 zx2 is supposed to take 1lb 8 oz of refrigerant. This would equal 2 cans. I would not put two cans into it to start it. I would start with one. One can will activate the sensors and get the compressor going to draw in the first can. It should be enough for it to cycle while it is idling. I would let it cycle for about half an hour to ensure the oil has circulated in the system. Then I would use the light at all the connections and look for a leak

if there is no leak then i would proceed to put in the other can and stop at around the 10oz mark. Slightly underfilled will still work fine and get the temps in the mid 30s. Too much will cause the system to shut off or even freeze up and shut off.

post a pic of the vacuum unit you are using so i can follow up on this and be informed for further assistance
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