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possible next purchase

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well ladies and gents.....

tomorrow, i´m embarking on a journey to...mt lebanon, pa.....why you ask? well, i´m going to look at a ´91 escort gt.....oooo yeah, creeping back into the ford family....

here´s what i know thus far...
5 spd
blue ext. (has minor paint blotches)
new clutch
new tires
nearly new brakes...

and, the best part.....900 bones....

tomorrow, if it´s in great shape...well moderatly great shape, and the clutch and everything is strong, i may own a 91 blue scort.....

this is almost to good to pass up, and since i need something a little more fuel efficient...this may be it!

i´ll fill you guys in about it tomorrow....
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Well I´m sorry to say I might have to be trading my car in. The Toyota dealership got me a deal...there´s a bank on the south side of town that´s desperately looking for customers and i happened to be in the dealership on Monday to talk to someone, well I met with the guy at the bank today and he said if his boss approves of my credit and what not they´ll be giving me a loan of 95% of the car, which I´ll pay directly to the bank hopefully @ 8.75% to 9.25% interest, (which is better than the 20% they preliminarily came up with) all I´ll have to do is come up with the other 5% of the cash, which I´m fairly sure I could convince Toyota to give me for my car, plus maybe a little extra to tint my windows silver with the car... BUT if the lady at the bank rejects my loan I´ll be keeping my 92 for a lot while longer. So either way I get something that I want. So, either I keep MY car and continue to make it better, or I get a brand spankin new car.
2003 Toyota Corolla S
5 speed MT (can´t go back to Autos...NEVER!!!)
LCD cluster (this thing is BRIGHT)
4 door
ground effects
1.8L VVT-i DOHC 16V engine
130 hp 125 lb ft torque
Lunar Mist Metallic
Indash CD Player
Keyless entry, power windows, locks, mirrors (my new goal will be to never use the key to unlock my car...ever hehe)
Anyway, I don´t want to leave the Scort family, but I just might do it. with MY credit a deal like that won´t come along very often. I have to jump at it.
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dude, that´s awesome tho....

but, i seriously just need a car, i´m tired of driving the beat up buick....well, not completely tired

but, a 91 egt, would be very sweet....i´m going to check it out in like and 1hr, so, when i get back i´ll let everyone know!...peace...
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Yep I was in your boat when I was lookin for a car. I needed one cause I had wrecked my Geo and I didn´t have a way to get to work. But at least you have a beat up buick to fall back on
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well, now i have a 91 5spd lx...

just gotta wait til tuesday evening...or sometime this week to pick her up!

nothing badly wrong w/ her...
need to bolt the header to the exhaust....
needs paint
door handle pieces
Hey man, good luck with the new car. Corolla´s are nice cars. Very reliable, easy maitanence. Good purchase.
Yeah, with the exception of the SR5 coupe, Toyota finally succeeded in building a Corolla worth looking at. Hope it works out for you.
Thanks. Does this mean I have to stop coming on here? cause I just remembered I signed up and I am now a paying member of FEOA lol Hopefully this loan goes through and I´ll be paying 22% of my paycheck to Wells Fargo for the next 5 years

I got an offer from CobraScort to buy my EGT so hopefully it´ll work out with both of us that he can take it off my hands instead of Toyota getting it and probably sending it off to the junkyard. I need at least 900 out of it but I don´t want to stretch him out if he can´t get ahold of that kind of dough...
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Hey this site is for those that are interested in all makes and models of the Ford Escort. Although the name is an owners association, to read the message boards and participate with the conversations I feel it should be open to anyone that has a voice, or likes to learn by listening.

I know for me I spend too much time on this site and too much on my car Not to be a member. I´m just proud I can represent association.
I love my scort, but I gotta do what I gotta do. I´d love to hang around and give advice here even after it´s gone...maybe sometime I´ll get an LX to cruise around in.
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