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Engine Porting the ZETEC head

Discussion in 'Engine Tuning' started by 1993tracer, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. 1993tracer

    1993tracer FEOA Member

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    I've been looking around the web for info on this and it appears that those that do believe there are gains to be had are focused mainly on opening up the bowls just under the valves and then basic blending for the rest of the ports.. with a polish on the exhaust ports and the chamber. I am thinking of maybe doing this while keeping everything else in the engine stock. I have a pacesetter shorty header and iceman intake. A 2.25 exhaust will eventually be coming. I figure opening up the bowls should especially improve low valve lift flow, while helping higher lift flow too. It looks like the valve lift is really low on these engines ---- under .35 ---so anything to help flow at low lift would be very beneficial. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. marclar

    marclar Administrator Staff Member

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    seabeck WA
    valve lift is pretty shallow. there have been roumors that any higher creates valve contact.
  3. novanutcase

    novanutcase FEOA Member

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    What kinds of gains are you finding/expecting in your research? I've been contemplating doing this also with a JY head but I'm not sure how it'll affect the emissions aspects.

    From what I understand improving the flow is going to also trigger higher pollutant counts which will fail the cars out here. I would think that the computer will adjust somewhat from the O2 sensors but not sure how much extra flow you're introducing into the sensor stream.


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