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Well, I have been recently thinking about more reliable and cheaper transportation for living at school, so I can let the Escort rest unless I have to go on a trip over 5 miles away.

I know a few of the guys at my work have pocket bikes for fgoing to car shows so they don't have to walk around all day. And after having ridden one of their miniature crotch rockets, I am thining of buying one.

So I naturally have a few questions that I don't have the time to ask them at work since we are not supposed to be chatting (which sucks):

Firstly, I was wondering if there are any known problems, with the engines, I have noticed that pretty much all use 2-strok engines, which I am not that familiar with.
Secondly, is there anything I can do to get just a bit more juice out of the engine? After having worked on the Scort I would love to have some custom or modded stuff on my pocket bike.
And Finally, does anyone here own one and can they recommend a retailer/dealer/store where I can get a good pocket bike, the best one I have seen so far is This site

So I guess I'm pretty much looking for someone here who is familiar with 2-strokes, mainly I am just wondering how long a 2-stroke will last before it just goes kaput, should it last me through the rest of college? (3-years undergrad left)

Thanks for your time, and any info or recommendations you may have for me.
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