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hmm... like NGK plugs and Magnecor Wires? :)

Magnecor wires:
7MM: $87.08
8MM: $94.02
8.5MM (competition): $99.78

Magnecor wires are very nice. http://www.magnecor.com has tons of info on what makes a good wire set without the hype.

I'd stick with NGK plugs.

Unless you have some crazy engine setup I'd honestly go with the 7MM Magnecors and Platinum NGK's. Platinum plugs are really all you need. All the + 4's out there and stuff are pretty much just a good way to take your money. However if you insist on having expensive plugs I have iriduim ones too! :)

Soo 7mm wires and NGK platinum plugs = $96.64 + shipping.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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