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Please Help!

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Hey guys, I was driving home my 93 Escort LX when it started making a bad scraping noise, I pulled off the road, thinking it was probably the suspension or brakes cause mine both suck. So it turns out its from under the hood. The sound gets worse, so under the advice of an autoparts store guy, I drove it home very carefully. While I was driving it home, the sound got terribly worse, I never went above 15 miles an hour. At some points it got really high, and sounded almost like a chain saw. The car was sputtering as well, but throttle response was fine. Anyway, I pull into my drieway, and coolant is gushing out from somewhere on the left side of the engine. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? waterpump? I have had to replenish the coolant lately, but the car never had a noticeable leak. I dont know how a simple leak could cause such harsh engine noise. Please help, thanks.
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This may not be right, but sounds like it could of been the pulley on the water pump that went. When the bearing its on went, the pulley was scraping on the timing belt cover, and because the belt was pulling it wrong, the H2O pump seal went.

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