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Played with a XR4Ti Merker yesterday

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My friend showed up with another friend yesterday that wanted some help putting an intake on a Merker (2.3 SOHC Turbo).

This thing was pretty interesting.... The turbo on it was boosting about 18lbs stock !!!!

Anyhow so we were driving around test driving it and saw a Dodge Caravan driving around with no wheel on the LR...so we pushed the thing hard to get the van to pullover...we got back home and the turbo was so hot the metal was nearly transparent and we could actually see the turbine spinning.
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If it´s a 5-speed car, about 15 pounds of boost stock. Autos are about 9 pounds of boost.

I will own one of those cars someday. Hmmm... 2.3L 4 cylinder, turbo, rear wheel drive, 4 wheel independent suspension, comfy interior. The best euro Ford ever made. Oh yes, I will own one...

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