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Pittburgh Vintage Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Autocross & Road Racing' started by aeronca65t, Jul 10, 2008.

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    The Pittsburgh Vintage grand Prix is this weekend.

    If you're in the area, it's an amazing event.
    I'll be there racing my #909 A-H Sprite.
    There may even be one or two Euro-Escorts there.

    This week long event starts on July 11 at BeaveRun race track and runs various events in Pittsburgh during the week...then the races through the (closed off) public steets at Schenely Park the following weekend.


    Weekend July 11-13
    Historic Races at BeaveRun

    Monday July 14
    Walnut Street Car Show

    Tuesday July 15
    Car Cruise at Waterfront

    Weekend July 19-20
    Schenley Park Race Weekend

    More info:


    Here's Stefan's Vapaa's 2007 run through Schenely Park in his SAAB-Quantum where he got the "Best Drive of the Race" Award.


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