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piston rings

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ok i have a problem my car smokes allot .. i mean alot. i replaced the cylinder head and it did nothing. it alsop burns oil. and i think my rings are bad. my performance isnt that good anymore. how hard it this to do myself and or how much will someone charge to do this. also what is the correct compression of a 1.9l h.o. engine. thanx
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I suggest checking the valve cover seal and the oil pan seal. If you don´t see any leaks, then it´s probably the rings on the pistons that have gone bad.

To break down the engine is a huge job. Tons of money, I´d assume. I had a friend who did an engine rebuild on a ford bronco and they dropped 3,000 smackers for it.

I´m planning on rebuilding my 91 GT engine (the 1.8L mazda BP engine) maybe this summer, and I was told by pimp escort 98 that the best thing to do is to buy the ford escort shop manual and do it at home or something. I want to learn more about the engine, and even though it´s probably going to take me a month or something to do, the experience and increase of longevity of my car will be well worth it.
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