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Pillar gauge pod

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I have a three gauge pillar pod in my 92 GT. I love it, the way it looks and having the gauges at a glance, its great. I was a pain in the ass to do it but when it was done it was worth it. This is what I am going to do. I get some pics of what it looks like and you guys can decide, if you want one i will make it for you at no extra charge, all it will cost you is the price of the pillar pod and S/H which shouldn´t be that much. If you want to try it your self thats cool to, just trying to help us all out. I use a 3 pillar pod for a 92-95 civic, I had to make a couple of cuts and use my heat gun to bend the plastic. It kind of just snapps in place then I use one screw to secure it. But let me get some pics first, then let me know. :-] :-] :-] :-] :-] :-]
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i have one from a 93 crx in my car that looks really good. Only a 2 guage though.
what 3 gauges are you running?

I´d like to run exhaust man temp, boost (okay... vacuum :-]) and maybe mpg wuold be cool too...

What little gauges are out there? I´d love to rice out my GT. I like subtly ricey cars.
how much did it cost u total for gages and all?
I recently noticed that parts stores have the three guage pods on the shelf.They were APC or 3A racing or Super Street I can´t remember but the thought crossed my mind.They looked pretty easy to install, just cut,heat and screw into place.
yeah they are simple. I got fuel/air and temp, cause they were given to me. I want to get the digital guages for them i can´t remebr who makes them but they are hot as hell and liek 100 bucks a guage. yep the civic or crx pods fit the slip right over actually. mine is apc carbon fiber look one.

91 Gt Scort. Teal.

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I´m running a duel pod out of a 92 to 95 civic, but I bought a single one for ScortGT for Xmas. The single is for a Fox body mustang (80´s) and it fits even better then the civic one.

I might add a third pod, but I was thining of just adding a single ontop of my double instead of buying a whole new one.
I have fuel pressure, volts, and vacum in my pillar pod. The digital gauges aren´t expensive, they cost the same as the analog ones. The only thing is that with the fuel pressure gauge, the gauge was $35 but the sending unit that plugs into the fuel line was like$75, other than that all the other digital gauges are same price. I also have digital oil pressure and water temp, the brand name is Nordstrog.
Blade found the fox body style one on ebay. I don´t think they make them anymore (could be wrong though) And yes, thanks again blade, It fits perfect.
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