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I was on the local junkyard and I saw a
white scort. I went to look what kind of scort
it was, and it said RS Turbo on the back. 8)
I poped the hood and I studied it, it just look
like a Xr3i engine. But it seemed like something
was missing. Maybe a turbo?
So I was hoping someone might know
of any pics on the net where I can see the
difference between the two engines.
I really hope its a RS turbo engine, because
my neighbour works there so he could
probally get me a good price on it :twisted:

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Damn I knew it. I hate norwegian junk yards.
You cant find anything good there :(
Well well I'll just start dreaming again.
Woohoo soon its time for
BILSPORT Performance & Custom Motor Show.
And this summer its Ruudskogen
with the 1072hp Dahlback Golf, The Ruud Racing BMW (*hurl*)
with the 800hp Cosworth, Alot of RX7 and finally this
year a Skyline, but its a R32 so its not that good.
But this summer is going to be good.
I can feel it in my beard.
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