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Pics of the Turbo install in my EGT

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Like I promised to everyone I took pics of my turbo install...sorry not very many pictures, spent all my time actually bolting, unbolting, plumbing, and parts shopping.

Check it out:

Okay, assuming that link only works for my certs...try this http://briefcase.yahoo.com/Bladeerau

just look in my turbo EGT folder

Jason Blade
93´ Escort GT (Special SLO model)

[ Edited by TheBlade On Date 09-29-2002 ]
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"The File You Are Looking For Is Inaccessible."

must be a b0rked link
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It´s actually 2 links put together.
Try the lower one. Worked for me.
So Blade your escort runs low 14´s? at 192 mph. Hell ya man keep up the good work.
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192mph for a quarter would be breaking 10s......Actually I dont know yet. I took it to the track Sep 26 about 2 hours after getting boosted. By the time I made the 120mile drive to the track the wastegate rode was gone, so the wastegate was flopping open and I had no boost.

My friend Rob wired the wastegate halfway shut with a coathanger and tried to run it. He lost the shim just after spinning the tires all the way into second.... the scort ran a 20.64. Full timing retard and no boost with vac leaks SUCKS.

Oh well, I just have to get the injectors serviced and get new O-rings for them and I can do the R&R on the turbo to fix the wastegate. The plan is to run 8psi on the street, 14psi on the track with race fuel.

Just think.. 14psi, pencil pushing shows that´s about 277 flywheel HP, Better yet, something like 250HP to the ground!!!!
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So by your numbers blade 14 psi is enough to get 250 to the wheels? if that´s right, let me know for sure because I want to basically double my power, in other words, put 254 or so to the ground when I get done with it. I´m trying for 0-60 times of 6 seconds or less. (that way I can keep up or even surpass Mustang GTs).
With a turbo, a short throw shifter, a better clutch and flywheel, and a new catback exhaust it should do the trick. Then MAYBE I can get some NOS and really push the envelope...maybe take on 4 second LS6 Corvette´s. That would take lots of money and a shit load of dreams... but for now I´m trying to get back on my feet so i can get the struts worked out, remember Blade, your running boost or not, you´re living my dream.
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You know James, going turbo is a huge pain in the arse, but every day when I´m feeling down I hear my TurboXs H-RFL BOV blow off under just .5-2psi and I feel like loosing it. Or cruising at 55mph and dropping to 3rd hearing the turbo spool as you go cruising past traffic.....its amazing. Especially on a car that doesn´t have a turbo package option, and you know you´ve done all the hard work.

My roommates complained tonight. They complained that my car wakes them up all the time because they can hear me park at night and leave in the mornings. I know the exhaust is frickin´ loud and all, but doing the escort the way I have was the only way I could have the type of car I wanted on my budget. I think they should learn to deal with it and if they want to complain, they can donate to my Mitsu Eclipse GSX fund.
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I hope your talking about the convertible
Or… a evo III …. or a Lancer from Japan would be nice..
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No, I actually want the 2cd gen GSX, non convertible. The only other Mitsu I´m into is the 3000GTVR4
theblade.. i was wondering what is your current 1/4 time?
haha funny you should ask. Well, the first time I took the scort to the track;

I went to Firebird Internat´l Raceway, Chandler AZ. Elevation there is about 1600´ above sealevel. I weighed in at 2745lbs with myself and a 100lb passenger. The only thing I done to the scort then was the exhaust, and I was running on my pretty heavy 17´s. I ran a 16.7 that night at 83mph with a peak speed at 84mph. My R/T on that run was a .83. When I got back from the track I realized that my PCV valve was bad and was leaking oil into my intake manifold

The last time I went was less then 2 hours after getting the turbo installed with no tuning what-so-ever. We had to tech in by 9pm in Phx and we left Prescott here at 715pm. I teched in and parked. Found all my friends there, then my friend Rob got under the escort to adjust our spring on the wastegate rod. The WHOLE ROD WAS GONE. We lost it somewhere on the drive down. So I was running with about .5psi in 1st and 2cd, and about 1psi in 3rd and 4th. 5th was back to about .5psi. Alot of my friends starting talking trash because I wasn´t running my car, so Rob got pretty pissed and wired the wastegate halfway open with a coathanger. We pushed the scort to the line. He was running about 6psi with horrible turbo-lag. On video we have Rob barely moving the tires as the light went, then the boost kicked in and the tires broke loose, he shifted into second and our shim fell out....we were now running nearly no boost and full timing retard. After hitting the steering wheel a few times you can watch him cruise the quarter like the daily driver it is. He ran a 20.63 at 64mph, but with a 60´ time of 2 seconds

As soon as I can get the scort tuned right, I´m going to be running 8psi on the street and 14psi at the track. I dont really care what time I get, my goal is to break 100mph on a quarter. If I do everything right I´d like to run low 14´s to a really high 13 with a perfect .5 R/T
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Is that a GTX motor? What type of intercooler did you use? and what type of piping? was it all custom? What type of internals have you replaced? and lastly.. where did you get that gauges pod in your pictures?Thanks
Let me see if I can answer all your questions:

Its not a GTX...I actually wanted the higher compression BPD8.

I´m using an intercooler from a 89 Chrysler Conquest TSi (starion) Paid 200 for it shipped.

My IC piping is currently a mach up of what I need bent. its ABS plastic 2". I´ll have a shop mandrel bend aluminum when I get get more money.

I haven´t replaced any internals. When you pull the oil pan on any Mazda BP8 you´ll see it has all forged internals. Forged H-Beams, Solid crank...its crazy cool. The pistons are some alloy, but will hold up.

In fact there´s a guy in Canada named Dave Lazier who runs an MX3 with a GT motor with 30psi on stock internals...he´s never blown a motor but goes through trannies and drivetrain components every track day. EscortGT´s are not what most would think :-]
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ahhh almost forgot gauges:

Gauge pod is for a 92-95 civic.

Autometer Phantom Boost 30-20 gauge...ebay (it got damaged in shipping and reads 1psi with no pressure (not really happy about it))

EGT is an A´PEXi Exhaust Gas Temp EL Series w/ Memory, Warning, and Peak functions. I was at the local performance shop and the girl working there didn´t show up, so I asked the audiostore owner that owns building if I could buy a gauge....he called the owner of the performance shop (in the back room of this audio shop) and they guy was hung over and said 95 bucks. Got home and realized the gauge sells for well over 300 bucks. :-]

hope that helps ya...What you can´t see is the A´PEXi S-AFC shows throttle position, RPM, Air Flow, Correction %, and O2 sensor readings.

In fact there´s a guy in Canada named Dave Lazier who runs an MX3 with a GT motor with 30psi on stock internals...he´s never blown a motor but goes through trannies and drivetrain components every track day. EscortGT´s are not what most would think :-]


He was running 20psi and a 75shot of nitrous.
the piping you used... could the same piping size and everything be used on a GTX motor with a FMIC? Just wondering because if i do go through with a GT to GTX project then it would be so much easier if someone like you could give me each pipe size instead of doin guess work. How much do you think a place would charge to get pipes bent? and that 92 - 95 civic gauge pod.. does it fit exact.. or did you mod it? Thanks
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