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pic of wheel after wreck

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here is a pic of the driver´s wheel after my wreck, or atleast what was left of it.

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yeah, it was a hard impact....it hurt. hehe i don´t think duct tape could hold that together lol.

i am selling both the stock engine i pulled which is in running condition and i am selling the built up motor. it has very few miles on it and cost me $5000 to build. i will sell for $2500 + shipping.

at the moment i am not even looking for another car because i don´t have the need for one in san francisco. the public transportation rocks, and parking is so damn expensive, like $10 an hour. i am moving back down to southern california around june though. in southern california you NEED a car or you die. heh, well atleast for me that´s true. so i will be looking for one around then.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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