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pic of my car

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You got one sweet mustang... I´d like to try a mustang gt one day.

Anyway, nice color! ;-)
I don´t see an SVT badge anywhere.
:-Y I hate those cars :-Y but if you like it its all good ;-)
nice! very clean... still like the escorts better. but hey... every1 has different tastes.
Cool, Donnie you know I hate stangs but that is very nice looking. My friend had the 17" rims with the darker silver in the spokes I ALWAYS thought that was ugly but your rims are quite nice. Plus it´s a hard top and not a *** top, so that helps. Hope you´re happy with it. just becareful with the 260 hp, 302 lb ft torque and the RWD and all. ;-) Maybe a few years when I get my Z28 I´ll come out and we´ll race a few laps around a track sometime hehe :-]
Nice looking stang, man!
Good luck with it, and yeah, be careful too. :-]
I love Mustangs! Especially the 99 and on GTs. Then I like 82 GTs then SVOs.
Excellent Ride!!!!!
never liked the newer mustangs, but it is pretty tight. congrats, bro.
I personally would have opted for an elise:

heh heh heh :-]

Angel eyes... how sweet is that?

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That is one sweet stang man. as soon as i get out of the air force im going to get me one of those things. :cool: :cool:
wow Don looks good, and does look like an SVT.
i showed my buddy that has a 2001 gt and he liked yours alot too.
oh and it looks nice and warm over there, i´m buried under a foot of snow right now(LOL here in joyzee) and still coming.
good luck with ´er and watch out for careless arses that like to hit new cars. that happened to the 99´SVT contour i bought. :-|
thanks guys.

will definitly watch out for stupid drivers and will let ya all know what i do to it.
Just a wild and crazy thought....

How about getting some small Honda badges, and lining them up on the driver´s door, like "kills" on a WWII fighter plane?

Maybe too "In yo´ face"? :-]
lol like kills on a wwii fighter plane....that´s a good idea.
i always see the H´s stolen off of civics around here, maybe someone´s actually doing that...*goes searhing for an SVT* :cool:
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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