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What kind of mods do you mean? There are a number of things that can be done, but I dont know how much they would actually help you out. You can check out www.escortfocus.com and also www.ctamotorsports.com for some parts for the SPI.

EscortFocus will also port your heads and MAF for you, which gets costly, but can help add horses. Also, there are things like performance cams and titanium springs and the whole works if you really want to get up there.

I know that you can also work with your ignition system by running performance wires and plugs, and an igniton box. Follow that with some custom programming of the ecu and you can make more power where you want.

In regards to your exhaust question, anything to make your exhaust flow better will help, but your stock manifold and catalytic converter are defintely going to be the biggest blockage in your system. You can buy a shorty header kit that works with the stock cat, or have someone custom system that involves headers and a universal cat, then just straight pipe it.

However, we do drive escorts, which arent really meant to be speed demons. So, all this stuff isnt really cheap. It could be worth it in gas savings if you commute lots, but otherwise its just for your enjoyment.

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