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Parts Swpaing

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Ok big question. What parts of of a ford festiva will fit onto a 2nd gen scort? such as struts, tranny parts, ect...
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** a little off topic **

u guys know the poptart commercial where the one poptart with underglow is dancin around, then that other one pulls up in his like old chocolate colored cadilac or somethin then the guys like **BEEEEEEWWWWW* (sorta)

well anyways, **SWPAAAING* reminded me quite of it, :-D

*somethin somethin honey dip!!!! hit me with that cholcolate chip!*

**stupid lookin guy walks over, checks out the chick next to him and then goes.......... SWPAAAAAAAAAAAAAING!!!**
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I couldn´t imagine anything that would fit between the two.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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