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Paint or Powdercoat?

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I want to change my 95 GT 7 spokes from factory finish to white in order to match the bodywork. Anybody try painting their wheels or is powdercoating the way to go? And why? I see in the magazines where wheels get powdercoated but I thought that was mainly for items that have some sort of flex, like springs. ???
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no powedr coating is the way to go. In my field of work we use alot of powder caoting on metal cause it withstands the weather better than paint. It also goes on metal easier than paint i think. i would go with the powder coating.
i would definitely go with the powdercoating it is harder to scratch. it cost a little more but in the end i think you will be happier with the longer lasting look
there´s a place in Tucson AZ that my friend used for his Yellow 16´s. It wasn´t very expensive either.
Powder Coating is the way to go.. my brother painted the wheels on his car, they looked good until they got dirty and he tried to clean them, then all of the paint just kinda got pocked and started to wash off and that was with a shit load of enige clearcoat on them too..
Powder Coating! I powder coated my GT wheels that I purchased at a jy and they look brand new, I love them! That stuff is very strong and you can clear coat it if you really want a nice deep shine. But I left my just powder coat...silver color that is!
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