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Pacesetter Installed

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Did a quickie install on the Pacesetter catback - still have to go back and recheck the bolts and add some gasket sealant (was rushed). Got the car functional at least. Sounds good! Easy install too, everything lined up right with the bolt holes. Not the horror story other people report. Maybe Pacesetter got their act together and started making decent equipment? I took some photos so when they´re developed, I´ll post an install and review.

Noticed my alignment was off, so took to the shop today. Found out (and visually verified) that the tie-rod was about shot. So lesson, don´t delay getting your alignment checked. For one, a bad alignment will eat your tires. And two, it may not be your alignment after all...
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Excellent Zeemax, I´m planning on getting a catback exhaust sooner or later so your insight will be very helpful if i decided to do it myself.
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