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pa escorts?

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anyone in pa know of a good junkyard that supplies 1st gen parts...or maybe a good junkyard with escorts?

anyone know where i can get some mx3 seats in pa?

just need some good junkyards at this moment....

may...just may have a good suprise for this board come summer....who knows?

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hey, my junk yard isnt too bad, but it depends on where in PA you are. I live in Norristown, Just northwest of Philly. The junk yard ALWAYS has a 1st gen junkers, and usually some gt´s. Sometimes they even have lynxes, where i got my clear corner lenses.
well, unfortunately i´m on the otherside of the state.....

i need a few random pieces.....i need a ´86 gt front bumper/fascia/ground effect....

a few sensors, and a header for a 1.9l....

however, i would like to go pick it up instead of having it shipped
hey shorty wheres this junkyard at? And do they have any 2nd gen egt parts there?
Okay, I really have no input for this topic, but I just felt left out, since I too am from PA and all.

I miss the good ol´ Keystone State!
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yO I lvie in Ntown - what yard are you talking about - not shorties in k of p is it??
If you need a good boneyard on the west side of the state, about an hour south of Pittsburgh is a yard named Jordan Auto Parts. Good place. Phone 1(800)-448-3522 ext 3303 Tyler. he was always a good help to me.
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thnx bird...
yeah kingcuda, im talking about Shortys. its a good place isnt it?
i just heard of a new u-pullit in Red Hill, but i havent been there yet so i dont know how to get there. i heard it was big though.
hey 91scort, they got 2nd gens, too. if you want, i can give you directions, but from Reading, it may take close to an hour.
Yeah I coukld use directions to that, and the time isn´t a problem, the yards around here are really lacking in scort parts or most of them are stripped of the good stuff. So i might be willing to take a bit of a trip to find what i want.
well, from Reading get on 422 east all the way to 202 in King of Prussia. Get on 202 north and go about 2 miles until the light at Henderson Road. Make a right and go about a half mile. youll get to a light just passed the underpass. That is church road and you make a left. Take church road till it dead ends onto Flint hill Road. Make a right and shorty´s is maybee 100 yards up on the right. youll go over a hill right before it, so you may miss it if youre not paying attention.

I hope that helps. if you have any questions feel free to ask

btw: admission is $2, but their stuff is CHEAP

good luck
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