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P1518 code '97 escort LX 2.0 SPI

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-> P1518 Aux Idle Speed Sensor
-> 1997 Escort LX
-> 2.0 SPI with MTX transmission

Is anyone familiar with this problem with the 2.0 SPI engine ? Does anyone know which sensors, hoses, connectors to check first.

I can clear the code, but shortly after a 2nd (hot) startup the code returns.
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the idle speed sensor is on top of the throttle body. easy replacement. all u take off is the electric connector and 2 screws.
From this post:

P1518 - Intake Manifold Runner Control Malfunction (Stuck Open) The IMRC system is monitored for failure during continuous, key ON engine OFF or key ON engine running self-test. The test fails when the signal on the monitor pin is less than an expected calibrated range at closed throttle. IMRC monitor signal circuit shorted to PWR GND or SIG RTN
Damaged IMRC actuator
Damaged PCM
An IMRCM PID reading approximately near 1 volt at closed throttle may indicate a fault

The Idle Air Control valve isn't your problem. The IMRC actuator is located on the driver's side under the hood, just below the throttle body. I'd suggest unbolting it and making sure that the IMRC butterflies open and close properly, and that the actuator can be moved (should be some resistance, but can be turned by hand).

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Thanks, I suspected that might be the problem, but was looking for confirmation.

I'll check things tomorrow night after work.
I had that same problem on another vehicle and it turned out to be as easy as a little WD40 on the butterfly to free it up, then a few drops of oil. On that one it was sticking closed, so I'd get a code when it warmed up and didn't open.
The butterfly assembly moves freely. I removed the actuator and tested it.

I need a F7CE-9J559-AF SPI actuator for a 2.0 SPI engine in a '97 Escort LX. If anyone has one, let me know how much you want with shipping to zip code 06066.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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