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My 3rd gen wagon was giving me fits about the evaporative emmissions system throwing codes and building up pressure in the fuel tank. I figured on a bad purge valve and played parts change to no avail.
Here is what I finally found; in the hose from the purge valve and thermistor there is an orifice fitting. (this is under the hood, on the driver's side of the engine) You can't see the fitting as it is covered with insulative (foam rubber) hose.
Once you find the fitting it just looks like a nylon hose barb joining the two (1/4") hoses. NO Sir, more will be revealed!
First, loosen your fuel cap to relieve tank pressure then take the hose barb out and look inside the barb coupler.... OH my, a pain in my orifice!
Now apply 20 Cents worth of carb and choke cleaner to the orifice and blow, this may be the end of your CEL / recurring code grief.
As this has happened to me a few times through the past two years, It seems in retrospect that if you try to squeeze that extra 50 cents worth of fuel (or $2 worth today) into the gas tank, it tends to jam up the orifice causing a lack of flow to the purge valve.
So keep your orifice clean! :wink:
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