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Hello all! Hope you'll understand what I'm trying to ask, as I am unfamiliar with the English car specific terms.

I recently (few days ago) bought a Ford Escort 1.6 16V gasoline (1996) break. I don't like how many new cars are built, especially because of their computers. This car I got was really neglected but I want to work on it. The primary problem I found on it was the "idle". While engine started, the engine speed on idle time was continously oscillating between 500 and 1500, or even sometimes the engine got off.

I started to work on the car and just replaced some of the basics: engine oil, oil filter, air filter. After this replacement, I started the engine and the engine sounded more clearly and beautiful than before. I tried then to press the acceleration pedal more, to get a very high engine speed. I keep it pressed at same level and I noticed that the engine speed oscillates between 4000 and 1000 so fast (from time to time the engine speed displayed 1000 then 4000, much faster than you can get it by pressing or depressing the pedal). I stopped the car. The next time I tried to start it cracked but didn't start.

How can I identify the cause of the problem? Did someone experience such a problem?

Thank you all, so much!
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