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ooooo...i´m mad! (but also happy)

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I found out a over Christmas break that the person who sold the scort to me lied about a very important detail. When I bought the car (this was awhile ago) she said it have 75,000 miles on it. However, after I got the tilte back it said it had 175,000 miles on it. I asked her about this and she said that a mistake must have been made by the people who transferred the title. I talked to them and said it was possible, but there was nothing they could do to change it. I believed the woman who sold it to me simply because the car ran so good and I figured it wouldn´t run nearly as well if it had 175,000 miles on it. Well I finally had some extra money lyin around and bought a carfax report on it. Turns out that the car DID have 175,000 miles on it. (Now it has 179,600 miles on it.) I´m conflicted with emotions here because on the one hand I´m really mad that she lied to me, but on the other hand I´m happy that this engine still runs like a champ, even after so many miles.

BTW, its 3:40 AM eastern time; what are you still doing up!? (Wait a minute, what am I doing up?)
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What I want to know is, since these scorts enjoy such great longevity, why didn´t Ford put one more digit on the odometer? Then we´d know the mileage for sure. I bought my 91 with 103k on it. With the odometer reading 3k, it was obvious the car had more miles on it than that. A no-brainer. But with 75k showing, how can you know? Wear will be showing, but how much really depends on how the car was driven and maintained.
Yeah, carfax reports are great, I checked my 91 and found it had a very clean history, and also that I´m the 6th owner, lol. I hope to get 160k miles out of it too. I´m glad that your scort runs very strong despite the miles on it. Btw I think Slapyo has a totally built, higher compression 1.8L engine for sale. If you can afford it, I´m sure it´d up your power and give you many years of good service. Check out his pics!
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I´ve seen that before in an Escort at the junkyard, only five digits for the odometer. Is that specific to any years? Because mine´s got all six digits.
Well, 91´s only have 5 digits. I´ll have to check my 94 too.
Yeah I´m glad I did a carfax report on my EGT before I bought it. let me know that it actually had only 82,000 miles on it instead of 182k. It´s a good thing to do before buying a car, and for like 20 bucks you could check as many cars as you want before you purchase one, for three months or so. I recomend Carfax before buying ANY car. like the commercial says, people do some strange things to cars.
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Yeah people saw my car when I first got it and always wrote down 144k miles. I think the local Ford dealership has it in their computer as that much. But it only had 44k....dont look at mileage, look at how the car is wearing. If the motor runs like a champ, it runs like a champ. If the chassis is rust free with 300k on it, then its rust free at 300k.
OK, looked at the odometer in my 94 LX, and it has only 5 digits too, like my 91.

This leads me to believe that:
91-94 Escorts 5 digit odometer (up to 99,999 only)
95- Escorts 6 digit odometer

Anyone have a scort that doesn´t fit this supposition?
What about 1st gen?
yeah I´m contemplatng buying a 91LX for my sister and it either had 65K r 165K... this is why I need a carfax report.
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