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Here´s the info for the FIRST ONTARIO ESCORT MEET OF 2003!!!

Date: Sunday May 11, 2003 (If raining, we will postpone to May 18th)
Time: 11am
Location: AMC Theatre Complex at Highway 7 and Highway 400

Directions: From Highway 401, go North on Highway 400. If you´re coming from the east, 400 will be the exit after Keele or Black Creek Drive. If you´re coming from the west, it´ll be the exit after Islington or Weston Road (can´t remember which one).
Anyways, going north on 400, and get off at Highway 7. It´ll be past Finch and Steeles. Once you get to 7, make a right turn and head East on 7. At this point you should see the giant AMC theatre on your right hand side. Cut through the theatre parking lot and head to the backside (south side) behind the building. This is where we´ll be meeting.
Just look out for a bunch of crazy mofo´s driving Escorts around the area.

Events: Generally what has happend in the past is that we all stand around and drool over each others cars for a few hours, then when everyone starts getting hungry we walk over to Boston Pizza (which is nearby the parking lot) to have lunch. After lunch we stand around outside again and shoot the breeze for another few hours.

If I´ve left anything out, let me know.

Also, could we get a list of attendee´s....
Just post a message in this thread if you´re able to attend or not.

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can someone bring a digital camera and post pics here to show the others what happenned there and all that stuff? Also, let´s see who drove the farthest to get there. I know it waon;t be me! :-D

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Here´s a list of Ontario meet attendees I´ve gathered so far.
If your name isn´t on the list, and you are planning to attend, just post
a reply in this thread.

Dark Red Zed
make it so number one
Chris (CTA)
Cossie Boy

27 Attendees and counting...

1989 Ford Escort LX
Using Dubs for the Subs and 15´s for the Tweeters

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Shit....I gotta get my new custom trunk done before the meet.
Hopefully I´ll have everything finished by tonite.

EDIT....The box has been completed.

1989 Ford Escort LX
Using Dubs for the Subs and 15´s for the Tweeters

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Hmmmm.... I really hate to say this, but I hope that it rains on the 11th and the meet gets changed to the 18th...

My EGT goes into the shot for a complete repaint on the 10th and I will not be getting it back till the 17th. I am getting the Rust on the rear drivers side panel by the filler cap removed as well as removing the rain gutters and smooting the roof out. I am also installing Side Marker lights. The car will be the same colour as it is now, but will have 4 coats of base with 3 coats of clear coat. Should look better than dealer new when I get it back...

If the meet is still on the 11th, I´ll be there with a friend but not with my ´Scort...

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