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Im trying to get my escort in shape for the fall when i get my DL :D

anyhoo, i had it on a jackstand, well, when i let the jack down, the jackstand sliped, :mad: and poked a slit in the auto trans oil pan, needless to say, il have to weld it. well to take it off, there is this big bracket going from the front to rear of the auto trans.

1. What is this bracket called?

Okay some more problems, :cry: there are two ring magnets in the pan, 2. they were lightly coated with metal powder, is this normal?

now before all this happned, the motor ran fine, but the car always vibrated. This big bracket, well there are bushings on it, they were shot, and so were all 3 motor mounts 3. Would all these bushings being bad cause it to do this?

4. The rear view mirror and the whole front end vibrated, when on gravel, would all these bad bushings cause it? 5. or is time for new front struts? the struts are stock and the car has about 117,000 on it.

6. The car has never had ANY performance mods, it is completley stock, yet when driving, it does not shift into 2nd,3rd, or 4th untill it hits 3,000 rpm or more , why?

7. The power steering is weak, no fluid leaks, the fluid is topped off, you dont have to strong-arm it, but it feels like your driving a go cart, since this is a small car, does it not just have too big of a ps system?

8. The trunk lid was rotted out, so i replaced it, yet no matter how i postion it, it will not line up! why? its like every part they made for a car was never the same dimension!

9. The car has alot of smoke coming from under the hood, upon inspection, the ac pipe was condensating and dripping on the exhaust manif, is this normal?

10. The cars brake sysyem is in great shape, the pads, discs and drums still have alot of meat left on them, yet when i apply the brake, it kinda creeps to a stop, kind of like if you applied your e-brake, do i need to bleed them?

thanks for all the help!

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In order by question:

1. The bracket is called a crossmember.

2. Yes. You only have to worry when there are chunks on the magnets.

3. The bad motor monuts will cause vibration, however these engines are not known for smoothness.

4 & 5. Could be both the bad motor mounts and worn struts.

6. How hard are you pressing on the gas? 3,000 rpm is about right for fuel economy on a standard transmission-equipped Escort, I would imagine an automatic would be about the same.

7. As far as I know, that's about right. What year is this car?

8. It's probably just barely off, but the 2nd generation wasn't that great as far as fit of body panels.

9. Condensation shouldn't create that much smoke.

10. That'd be the first thing I'd try, also check the adjustment of the e-brake.


*NOTE: I actually drive a 3rd generation Escort, which may or may not be different in some respects. Please take my advice and answers with a grain of salt, as I may be completely wrong on some of my answers.
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