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One Sweet Ride....

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Someday my car will be this nice...

img src="http://www.unm.edu/~jeremy/All/Escort%20Type%20R/DSC00613.JPG">
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HAHA!!...It looks like all of the cars here at IUP..oh god that is quality stuff...
Yeah I see your point with the pics...but kinda hurts too. I admit the wing is a point proven. But, I am missing my bumper right now and my FMIC is showing, I do have the duel gauge pod for temp and boost, my exhaust are duel mufflers with 3.5" tips, And I do have the classic phrase of "Speed Makes Me Horny" stickered behind the doors on the skirts of the bodykit.

I would say "form follows function" but I see your point.
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