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Old, rusty ass Camry.

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I´m still laughing my ass off at this dude. I was goin out to my partners house to pick up his radar detector for this weekend and this old rusty ass Camry pulls up next to me at the redlight. He was about my hoodlength in front of me sittin there at the light. The crossroad light turns yellow, red, mine turns green, I gun it. To my surprise I only could even it up, until that is he had to shift... LOL I looked down when i heard his engine cut off and I was only at 4500 rpm LOL I continued out to redline, shifted and swerved out in front of him...with about 4 or 5 car lengths between us. haha I´m still actually laughing at this guy for even trying in his rust bucket. ;-) It´s all good though.
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You guys get sensitive when rust is mentioned. Sounds personal :p I have a lil rust. I try to race, but my car is all stock, so i pretend to when against cars that arent even racing anyways...
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