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Okay now I´m mad!

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So check this out. I´ve just gotten done with repairing the damage the "lady"across the street did to my front bumper and plate frame.Then this a$$hole living next to me backs into the front of my car!The paint is still tacky!So he´s on his way to the store and I say no prob the plate cover is like 3 bucks at Bi-Mart.So while he´s gone I remove the plate, touch up my paint and figure he´s gonna come back with the cover.The moron shows up without it!Man I´ve only witnessed two of the hundreds of dings that I had to fix and I can´t believe that he would play me like an idiot!Well his time is coming,I happen to know that he is moving cross country in the next couple of weeks so lets see how far he gets with no plates!Revenge is sweet even if I can´t see it happen the satisfaction will be mine!
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So now it´s the next day and still nothing.I can´t have my car sitting with something so obviously wrong so I purchased a new smoked plate cover.And tonight I shall leave the note stating"Thanks for taking care of this matter in a timely manner.If this vehicle causes ANY more damage I will PERSONALLY open a 7000LB can of steel whoop ass on it.
Thank you for your attention.
(I have a big ol truck that needs fenders)
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