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Oil in my power steering pump reservoir!

Discussion in 'ZX2 1998-2004 2.0L DOHC' started by MissMarie, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. MissMarie

    MissMarie FEOA Member

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    Ok guys I need some advice, I bought my Escort a few months back and it's perfect. Yesturday I went to check my power steering fluid (which is the first time since I got the car) and I noticed it wasn't red in color so I grabbed a rag and let it soak a bit of the fluid on it so I could check it out. It was black as night and smelled like motor oil, I know I didn't put oil in there and God only knows how long it's been there. My question is do I drain it, how to drain it if possible, or replace it?? I have already been driving too long with it in there but I don't want to possibly make it worse by prolonging the issue. Any suggestions??
  2. denisond3

    denisond3 Moderator Staff Member

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    south TX or northern VA
    The color of the oil in my Escort's power steering reservoirs is very close to totally black. It started out as a deep red, being auto transmission fluid, but it gets black from the deterioration of the inside of the presssure hoses and the oxidation/rust from moisture getting into the oil. The moisture gets in when the car cools down after a days drive has gotten all the stuff under the hood warmed up.

    It is possible to flush the power steering system, but its not easy, and can result in the pump itself running without oil continuously circulating. One method is to suck out the dark fluid, and replace it the new fluid (which would be dark read), then to repeat that each day until the oil is reddish. I have never bothered to do that though; not with my five Escorts nor my other cars over the years.

    The oil is pretty close to motor oil, so it will smell like that.
  3. marclar

    marclar Moderator Staff Member

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    seabeck WA
    p/s 'flush' services are fairly common in modern maintenance services. if you are super concerned about it, maybe call around to some shops and quote a service. you will need a fluid extractor at a bare minimum. the fluid is a dex/merc3 atf

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