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oil dipstick length?

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Hey, so I purchased a used 1.9L 95 escort last year and it's about time I changed the oil... but the previous owner, it seems, lost the dipstick. I'm thinking of grabbing one from a junkyard or using one of the universal replacement ones they sell at autozone, but I need to know the correct length (of the stick itself, minus the handle.) Anyone happen to know the answer to this? It would be much appreciated.

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Do yourself a favor and get one from the bone yard. The "one size fits all" usually fits none...
dave8338 said:
Do yourself a favor and get one from the bone yard. The "one size fits all" usually fits none...
bingo. most junkyards will only charge a buck or two for a dipstick anyway.
I have a 94 Escort, where the dipstick comes up at the back of the head between the 2nd & 3rd intake tubes. It is 21-3/8" from the bottom of the little 'cup' on the handle, down to the top mark, for 'full', and about 3/4" further down to the 'fill' mark. Due to the little 'cup' on the handle that fits over the top of the dipstick tube, the length of the tube, from its top down to where the full level is, would be 21-7/8". The advice to get one from a junkyard is good, because that Escort dispstick is made to go around the couple of bends inside the tube on its way down.
If you change the oil and filter, I think it will take 4.3 quarts. If you dont change the filter, I think its 3.9 quarts. In both cases, I just add 4 quarts.
The earlier Escorts had the dipstick tube located on the passenger side end of the motor, in a less convenient/reachable location. Those disptick tubes are only 18-1/2" to the 'fill' level, so at the junkyard, be sure to get one from a car that has the dipstick at the back 'middle' of the engine head.
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