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Drivetrain occasionally first and second only

Discussion in 'Drivetrains' started by Raybear, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Your 94 definitely had the F4EAT. It was exactly the same trans, & was used in the LX cars from 91 through 95, and I think in 96 as well. I dont know about 97, and 98 used a very similar trans with more electronic control; and therefore not interchangeable.
    I got most of my rebuild stuff from, though a google search will show plenty of places selling the same master rebuild kits and shift kits. I got my rebuilt torque converter via rockauto-dot-com, by sending in my worn t.c. to a rebuilder associated with rockauto - getting my t.c. back rebuilt 3 weeks later.
    I know the same basic transmission was used in the GT Escorts, but I think (im not sure) there was a difference in the bolt pattern of the bell housing for use with the GT engine. And there the F4EAT transmissions all the same internally - Except for the gearing for the final drive ratio. It was one ratio for the non-wagons (3.55), and another ratio for the wagons (4.06) - and the sedans in CA also had the 4.06 ratio. I have both wagons and sedan - and the difference isnt enough to bother about. When I say sedan, I really the hatchbacks - since I only worked on one sedan, the others begin hatchbacks or wagon.
    If you do a search in the subforums for 'drivetrains', the "Escort gear ratios thread" is now buried back on page 7.

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