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I have 3 2nd gen. Escorts, and have removed the O2 sensor on each one. I remove the radiator fan and its plastic housing. Its held on my 3 bolts, 10mm heads on them. One you can see on the middle top, the other two are on the drivers side of the fan shrould, and take some patience to get out. There is also the electrical connector to the fan motor to undo.
Then you should be able to more easily reach the sensor. The one in my driveway I just installed last month: its hex takes a 7/8" wrench. They arent necessarily all that size, though hopefully on Escorts they would all be 7/8", or 13/16th.
Its possible to get the right size Crescent wrench (adjustable open end wrench) down there. I find my 8" Cresecnt wrench fits okay. Even my 10" crescent is a little too big.
The best wrench would be a crow-foot refrigeration wrench. I have one by SK tools, their number 42228. It takes a 3/8" ratchet. Here is an image:
Pricey, but worth it.
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