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now why´d he do that?

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On the freeway the other day and this pack comes racing through traffic, so I wait till it gets open and join in here comes this idiot shoving through and he would´ve sent me into the median had I not hit my brakes and swerved.so here i am doin about 90 and all kinds of outta shape tires screamin,counter steerin,thinkin about how to tell him how pissed I really am.Then it hits me he forced me onto the shoulder right?I´m already here so why not?I mashed the gas and stayed next to him the look on his face was priceless as he heard the rumble strips right next to him he freaked and slammed his brakes!gettin all kinds of outta shape,tires screamin,counter steerin,havin time to think about why he shoved me off of the road.Now I don´t think what I did was right but,if your gonna play at least have a little cooth.there aren´t alot of people on the highway with full roll cages,helmets,fire suits or hans devices.Theres no finish line and no money or trophy on the line so lets set the example and just be careful, show some consideration cause you never know if the car you just cut off has kids,or a gun,or someone like me, who is mellow most of the time & can forgive mistakes, but if you threaten my life or some family, out of your stupidity, look forward to seeing me again as the aggressor.
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Yeah on Sunday driving down in Phoenix I went to buzz my friend in front of me with my exhaust and I put my turning signal on and the guy on my quarter sped up to be an ass. I guess he didn´t expect me not to ask permission and just merge anyway.

So he checked his brakes then started to come after me....sorry for him he couldn´t keep up with the Escort in high gear with his Alero. Guess it counts as a kill huh ?
Yeah it doesn´t matter if you out drive out run or just take em to school!A kill is a kill!
Man too bad you weren´t up here we could have some fun recreating the traffic safety film from Bevis and Butt Head, yeah you Know the one "Blood on the Highways".ha hah ha!
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