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Hi there, peoples ~~~~~~~~~~~
I thought it funny I stumbled on a Ford Escort Owners' forum the same day I jumped the shark and committed to buying a 2008 Ford Escape ~~~~~~~~!

So I had to check in and browse. I have an 88 Ford Escort Wagon which has been mine for 12 yrs and I am now going to let it go b/c the last problem that developed was the back tires and the top of the car bein' kinda too close together and making a rubbing sound. :roll:

I've paid enough; my bad math tells me this is at least an $800 repair job, and my little damp rustbucket (which isn't THAT bad looking, for being in rain country!) is going to its final resting place.

Some girl who tried to sell me a car for too much at a dealership said she wanted it. She said SHE works on cars. So I think I may hand it over to her making sure we clear the title and let the car have an even longer life if God Wills It.

; )
I wish new cars didn't have so many bells and whistles on them -- it really makes me nervous, but I am pretty happy to be sticking with Ford after the long life of my Escort.

What I really wish I could guy is a NIB 1988 Ford Escort! :D

Cheers . . . . .
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