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Thats it, mother nature and I are gonna go round and round. This is the last straw. Last night during the ice storm we had here in Northeastern PA a tree branch snapped and landed where? You guessed it; right on my car. Now I have a GIANT crack in my windshield
. Of course being the penny pincher I am, I don´t have glass coverage on my insurance policy. To top it all off, my battery died about two days ago as well and I had to replace the clamp on the battery cable because that bitch mother nature decided to corrode it. Anyway now that I´ve vented a little bit (I´m still really mad), I was wondering if any of you have had to replace a windsheild and knew how much it caused for a new one and to have it installed. I have a 91 EGT by the way.
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"cost" not "caused" (Man, what was I thinking?)
i got mine replaced in my 92 LX mine was 250 but they had to jackahmmer the roof out (long and entertaining story)
I dunno how much it´d be but I´d LOVE to replace mine. on the drivers side there´s little tiny divets that when it´s dry and the sun is out it looks like there are rain drops on it. very annoying when the sun hits it just right and it prisms into your eyes. I´m waiting for a rock to crack the windshield so I can make State Farm pay for it
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sorry to say man...I called my insurance company, then called the glass company. Two days later they came to my work..got my keys and in an hour I had a new windshield. The guy told me he didn´t have the same OEM glass in stock so they gave me the upgradded PPG glass...and put the free tint on the top of it.

I think my insurance when up 2 or 3 dollars for the next 4 months.
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