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I was thinking about after this job takes off I'm going to need a car for a daily driver that doesn't require freaking 2.09 a gallon premium gas to run. So I thought about buying a new 5 sp ZX2. Thought about this for the past few days. I'd like to have an Escort, but I want something new.

So I get off work, come home and go to www.ford.com to build, option and price a new ZX2 for myself for future reference and I notice that the words Escort and ZX2 appear nowhere on Ford car list or anywhere on the entire website at all.

Did they finally kill it off? If so then that blows so bad... I mean comon the Escort has been around since the early 80s and was still selling like mad, oh and the Focus sucks, I like the performance of the SVT model, but the rest suck.

Escort > Focus

Just like I hate chevy for killing the Camaro, I hate Ford now for killing the Escort.

Bastard Ford.
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