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No More Bandaids for Binky

Discussion in '2nd Gen 1991-1996 1.9L SOHC' started by Jim's 94 LX Escort, May 18, 2020.

  1. Jim's 94 LX Escort

    Jim's 94 LX Escort Binky

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    She started blowing out blue smoke from the tailpipe 2 months ago. I knew it was REALLY BAD.
    Just took it into the shop and they said #3 cylinder is comprised and damaged.
    It's the end for the car engine.
    I'm going to try some engine fix for her in the meantime.
    But she's up for sale now.
    Needs another rebuilt in her. I just don't have that cash.
    If anyone's interested, I've sunk 5k into her the last year. New brakes, tires, windshield.
    Let me know generally where everyone want's to see the posts etc.
    I'll try my best to accommodate.
    I have the complete maintenance on this car from purchase in 2000. Currently the repairs are at $50, 150.
    Yeah, I could have bought better, but when you LOVE a car...your in it for all it's worth.
    I've maintained this car to almost showroom factory as I had hoped for.
    New Brakes 5/31/19
    Wheel Alignment 5/31/19
    Oil Change 11/10/19
    EGR Valve Replaced 3/11/2019
    MAF Sensor cleaned 2/26/2019
    Coolant Flush and fill 7/15/2019
    Cigarette Lighter Reconnected 2/22/2019
    Broken Cruise Control Switches Replaced 2/;21/2019
    Interior Rear View Mirror Replaced 2/20/2019
    Front Window Windscreen replaced 10/20/2019 (Safelight Auto Glass)
    Rear Defogger light Switch Replaced (3/11/2019)
    Fuel Filter Changed (6/5/2019)
    Door hinges all re-greased and door jam light hinges greased 3/16/2019)
    Instrument cluster lights and interior lighting replaced (3/16/2019)
    Full interior Detailing completed 4/11/2019)
    This car is from a non-smoker, but enjoys (New Car Scent fresheners)
    Asking price is $1,500
    Save all the good shit I've replaced. Just put in a new engine.....that should save some on your side.
    Any acceptable offer is available. It is quite a daily drivable as of today. Gas mileage has dropped significantly as #3 cylinder burns out.
    Post your interests on this link forum below as a reply for any purchasing questions.
    This vehicle is located in Bellevue, WA, and is now up for sale.
    Goodbye Binky ;(
  2. marclar

    marclar Moderator Staff Member

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    seabeck WA
    bellevue huh. sucks actually, i have a split port motor i want to drop into a good condition lx. my car is shot.. problem is i just bought a 300 friday. lol
  3. zzyzzx

    zzyzzx FEOA Member

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    Baltimore, MD USA
    With my transmission problems and soon to be unemployed, my Escort might be right behind Binky.

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