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Nice.. but im not sure

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for how much he spent.. im not even sure.. its not fast for all the engine work he did.. 1/4 mile in like 14 seconds i think.. welll fast.. but not SUPER.

he spent $33 000 on MODS in US. PLUS prolly like $14 000 on that car.. thats absolutly INSANE.. that guy must have more money than a beach has sand.. jeeeeeeesh
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He got ripped for he spent on some stuff. 75 bucks for powder coated calipers. 240 for springs (not coil overs, just springs). Sounds like all those prices include a shop or another person to install them for him. I say if he didn´t do the work himself, its nothing more then a driving advertisement for whoever did the work.

I have spent almost 8K on my car. That includes buying the car 3 years ago with 44k on it, and the everything up to the turbo set up.

Mine may not even look as cool, sound as good, be as fast-----but at least I´ve done enough of it myself I could do it again.
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